Little Annoyances

I am dealing with a set of small front-end problems that’s driving me crazy. I’m trying to integrate instant search, and every time I change a small bit of code, it stops behaving as I expect it to.

These individual problems are not hard, but digging through my (messy) front end structure to fix them a chore and a motivation killer. Every time I run into another one, I want to throw my hands up and turn to something distracting – which completely kills my productivity

I need to learn to recognize and ruthlessly prioritize issues like these. In the structure of my app, these issues are not important, and should be dealt with when I work on the front end design – not while I’m trying to build out the back-end structure. Sure, it’s annoying to see the issues pop up every time I try to test the app, but I need to compartmentalize and move on.

When these little annoying issues accumulate, they can be major motivation killers – but only if I let them.

I just need to remember: “There will be time to fix these. I will deal with them – later.”


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