Recurse Center Application

After working on it for close to two weeks, I just submitted my application to the Recurse Center. We hired a few people from RC at Codecademy, so it has been on my radar for some time. However, Esther recently pointed me there again, and after reviewing the website, I was absolutely hooked. It looks like the ideal experience at this specific point in my life – when I have the time and a strong desire to learn as much as I can about programming. I’ve also had some great experiences in self-driven environments like this, both at Explorchestra and back in Interlochen.

Either way, though, I’m going to focus on learning and improving as a programmer – I’m having a blast working on this stuff full-time.

In other news, I’ve finished and deployed my new two projects alongside the application. I’m happy to present my redesigned website,, as well as a small battle simulator I built as a part of QRL, a game I’m working on.


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